Sound Card Packet

B Ralph Milnes, NM5RM
Last updated: 03/03/2015

Most recent AGWPE version is:

 2013.415  15 Apr 2013

1. Introduction
Computer requirements
Packet Engine Pro
2. Configure AGWPE
Download and Install
    Basic AGWPE Setup
    2 Radio Setup
    2 Card Setup
3. Sound Card Setup
    Basic Card Settings
    Additional Settings
Tuning Aid
4. Problems?
Program Behavior
5. Other AGWPE Features
    AGWPE on a Network
Baud Rates & Modes
    Remote Control
    TCP/IP Over Radio
Tips and Tricks
Traffic Parameters
6. Compatible Programs:
    Setup Help
Chart of Programs
7. Interface Options
 Getting Started
Kits and Pre-assembled 
    USB SignaLink
    Receive Audio Cable
    Transmit Audio Cable
    PTT (TX Control) Cable
    2 Radio Modification
8. General Packet Info
What is Packet?
    Exchange Modes
    Frame Headers
    TNCs and AGWPE
    What to do with Packet
    Common Frequencies
    Further Reading



This website was created in 2000 to provide support for certain features of a free program called AGWPE, an amateur radio utility for packet, a data operating mode.  Prior to that time, ham radio operators needed a us$150+ TNC, or Terminal Node Controller, to run packet. But in 1999, AGWPE began to offer a ground-breaking way for hams to run packet at very low cost: using their computer's sound card. The person responsible for this inspired program was a talented ham from Greece, George Rossopoulos SV2AGW.

Since that time, additional sound card packet programs have been developed. They include:

Note: The authors of Flexnet had developed a soundcard capability for their network software even before AGWPE.

These web pages, which are hosted on SV2AGW's main web site, will continue to support the sound card packet functions of AGWPE. They do not attempt to provide support for other sound card packet programs. This site was reorganized in 2015 to focus on running AGWPE in newer versions of Windows, but it will continue to have reference materials for Windows XP and earlier versions. In addition, on this site you will find general information about sound card packet:

  •  packet programs that can link to AGWPE (not all packet programs can) 
  •  some sound card interface ideas (to connect sound cards to ham radios)
  •  how to resolve problems in packet operations
  •  current day uses of packet

  Use the menus in the left  margin to navigate this site

If you encounter problems with this website or AGWPE, you can e-mail me, NM5RMI am not the software author, but I'll try to answer your questions. I don't pretend to be the complete AGWPE sound card expert. I am more of a technical writer than a technician.  In fact, if you find any errors or omissions on these pages, please let me know

For the best troubleshooting help, I suggest you subscribe to a special AGWPE Yahoo Group email list to ask for help from the AGWPE user community, which includes the AGWPE author, George, SV2AGW. 

Note: In the past this website had PDF files of the web pages in both English and other languages. I no longer make them available because of the work required to keep them up-to-date with the website. I also no longer have a "What's New?" page listing significant changes to the site.