Sound Card Packet

AGWPE Overview
    More about AGWPE
1. Interface
 Getting Started
Kits and Pre-assembled
    Receive Audio Cable
    Transmit Audio Cable
    PTT (TX Control) Cable
    2 Radio Modification
2. AGWPE Set Up
Download and Install
    Basic AGWPE Setup
    2 Radio Setup
    2 Card Setup
3. Sound Card Setup
    Basic Settings
    Additional Settings
Tuning Aid
4. Windows™ Setup
TCP/IP Settings
    Update Windows
5. Problems?
Program Behavior
    USB SignaLink
6. Using AGWPE
    AGWPE on a Network
Baud Rates & Modes
    Remote Control
    TCP/IP Over Radio
Tips and Tricks
Traffic Parameters
7. Compatible Programs:
    Setup Help
8. Packet Reference
    Exchange Modes
    Frame Headers
    TNCs and AGWPE
    What to do with Packet
    Common Frequencies
    Further Reading     

Last Updated: 02/27/2015


AGW Program Downloads

You can download SV2AGW's programs from either this website or SV2AGW's web site. While this site tries to maintain the most current version, SV2AGW's site will surely have the most recent version.

Program Description From This Site SV2AGW's site Date
Latest official AGWPE The basic, no fee AGW Packet Engine 15 Apr 2013
AGWPE Windows ME/98 version This is an older version of AGWPE that is reported to work with Windows ME/98 Not available;
may be available on the SV2AGW Yahoo Group site under "downloads".
27 Jan 2005

but also displays as 2004.1008 (8 Oct 2004)
TCP Over Radio Drivers




Drivers for TCP Over Radio feature. For us$28, you can run more than 45 minutes at a time.




TCPIP Over Radio 10SEP2004
PE Pro
-- initial installation version


The advanced Packet Engine Pro version for us$49 after 30 day trial 14MAY2007
PE Pro
-- version to update previous versions
Update to PE Pro 14MAY2007
PE Pro Help Help file in .html written by NM5RM 10SEP2004
AGWTermTCP A packet terminal program to send and receive 14FEB2002
AGWMonitor A packet terminal program to receive only 20APR2005
AGWUIDigi for APRS Provides digipeater functions; has advanced APRS features such as WIDEn-n agwuidigi.zipi 11OCT2006
TF2AGW LU7DID's program to link AGWPE to F6FBB (versions prior to 7.01b) From LU7DID's site:  

For other SV2AGW programs, such as AGWTracker or AGWCluster, go to: