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    2 Radio Modification
2. AGWPE Set Up
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3. Sound Card Setup
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AGWPE-compatible Programs

The chart below shows some of the programs and utilities that will work with AGWPE. In addition, the AGWPE site has information about a few other programs. Click on the "AGWPE configuration help" next to a program for additional help on this web site. Otherwise, visit the program's web site listed in the last column.

If you're having trouble getting a particular application to work with AGWPE, first make sure AGWPE works with the  AGW Terminal Program . If AGWTerm won't work with AGWPE, then you have a problem with AGWPE that needs to be resolved before it will work with the other program; see the troubleshooting guide.

AGWPE-compatible Packet Program Categories:
AGWPE Interfaces
DX Cluster
Nodes  (
BPQ32, Xnet)
Signal Path Predictions (Radio Mobile Deluxe)
Terminal Programs
TNC Emulation (MixW)
Winlink Utilities

Type Name Help configuring with AGWPE
AGWPE Interfaces AXIP link AGW Packet Engines and other applications together via TCP/IP
see   and

See this page for Keith G1GXB's description of how to use AXIP to link to X-router

  KISS-Mode TNC Emulator interface WiSP, JNOS or other KISS-mode programs and MixW to AGWPE
  TelMgr access AGWPE via a Telnet connection
  XGlue  interface AGWPE to PC/Flexnet32 and thus to programs that work with Flexnet
APRS AGWTracker see   Info:
  APRSISCE/32 see:  and
AGWPE configuration help
  APRSPoint see  http://www.ap
  APRSPlus AGWPE configuration help
  OziAPRS; netAPRS see
  UI-View32 AGWPE configuration help
  WinAPRS AGWPE configuration help
  XASTIR AGWPE configuration help

Installation hints:

  FBB (Windows version) AGWPE configuration help

Note: SV2AIZ, the author of this program, is now  a silent key, so this program is no longer being maintained.

Digipeater AGWUIDigi download  from the AGW Programs page on this site.
  Digi_NED see:
  Digiplex see
DX Cluster AGWCluster see  Info at
  AR Cluster
  RXClus see
  IZ4AFW AGW Packet Engine Telnet Interface - DX Cluster support for  Logger program see
  UI-DX Bridge -Receive or relay internet DXCluster info on APRS see
Messaging HamServ 2.65
multi mode BBS/PMS
Download installation zip file  - Note: This program was created by Ken Williams G3TMH. It is no longer supported or generally available. I have no additional installation or setup instructions beyond what is in the installation zip file.
not a stand-alone program, but an add-on to WinPack.
Download installation zip file Note: This program was created by Ken Williams G3TMH. I believe it is no longer supported or generally available. Installation instructions are in the zip file. This is an add-on program for WinPack and does not work directly with AGWPE. (see WinPack below under "Terminal Programs".
  UI-Instant Messenger
Nodes BPQ32 - AX.25 NETROM-compatible node software for Windows BPQ32 implements an interface to AGWPE via the BQPtoAGW.dll file included with the latest BPQ32 download.

See: for possibly newer versions

  (X)Net see
Satellite PCSAT Telemetry Decoder Besides decoding the PCSAT telemetry, it has a map window that shows the current position and footprint of either ISS or PCSAT, and it has a terminal window that you can use for transmitting.

download stand-alone program  PCDec242.MSI 

more info on this page UI-View Map Software, Add-Ons and Map Downloads

  UISS - sends UI / APRS packets to satellite digipeaters see
Signal Path Predictions (VHF/UHF) Radio Mobile Deluxe - plots APRS stations on topographical map AGWPE configuration help
Terminal Programs AGWMonitor(Receive only) AGWPE configuration help
(Receive & transmit)
AGWPE configuration help
  HamScope AGWPE configuration help
  NBF see 
  TSTH AGWPE configuration help
  WinPack AGWPE configuration help
  WinSTOP see
  WinTNC see 
TNC Emulation MixW - also has a sound card modem that AGWPE can access; good HF packet modem AGWPE configuration help
Winlink Utilities -

The Winlink 2000 system is used to send email via radio to the internet.

Airmail to AGWPE Linker Airmail is a program that can connect to Winlink RMS gateways.You can download Airmail at :

Airmail can not connect directly to AGWPE, but there is a page on this website that discusses how to link the two:
AGWPE with Airmail

  Paclink Paclink is intended for use with the Winlink 2000 system. Paclink interfaces with most popular email client programs (such as Microsoft Outlook Express and Mozilla Thunderbird ) and provides connectivity to the Winlink system via telnet, VHF packet radio, and HF Pactor. The info and download page is at:

There is AGWPE configuration help within Paclink. Use the Paclink menu to call up "Help", and within the Help "Contents", look under "Configuration" where you will find topics on "AGW Engine Properties" and "Packet AGW Channels".

In addition, Jon Perelstein WB2RYV has written two excellent guides for interfacing PacLink to AGWPE on a Vista or Windows 7 machine:

  RMS Express RMS Express lets you compose, send and receive messages using the WinLink 2000 system. RMS Express can not connect directly to AGWPE, but there is a page on this website that discusses how to link the two:
AGWPE with RMS Express
  Last Updated: 10/11/2012