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Packet Engine Pro

In 2003, the AGWPE author, George SV2AGW, released a more advanced program, Packet Engine Pro, based on his original, freeware AGWPE program.

The Pro version:

  • runs more efficiently
  • has an improved interface
  • has a setup 'Wizard' that simplifies both new sound card and TNC configurations
  • has several new features, such as Radio Port Sharing and alternative KAM-style tones for HF packet

In addition, the following features will work in PE Pro on Windows XP (and older versions). They will not work in AGWPE on a Windows XP (or more recents version). They work OK in AGWPE on older Win95/98/ME systems:

  • PTT can be controlled with the parallel port in addition to the serial port
  • YAM modem control
  • BayCom/BayPac modems, but only if your computer has legacy serial ports, i.e. not ACPI compliant serial ports ( ACPI is a power management/saving protocol)
  • TCP/IP Over Radio, a rarely used feature that lets a station without internet access link to a station with internet access and use the second station for very low speed internet access

Note: any client packet program that works with AGWPE will also work with PE Pro, and vice versa.

The Pro version costs US$49  after a free 30 day trial period. I encourage you to consider the Pro version because:

  • it is easier to use and more powerful
  • it has features that are not found in AGWPE and may never be added to AGWPE
  • your fee supports SV2AGW's programming efforts

You can download the Pro version from

Feature comparison chart for PE Pro and AGWPE



PE Pro



us $49 after 30 day trial period

Runs under All versions of Windows

Works with most TNCs and radio modems

Allows a packet program to connect to multiple TNCs

Allows a TNC to connect to multiple packet programs

Automatic adjustment of TNC settings such as MaxFrame, Retries, SlotTime/Persist.

Manual control of TNC settings such as MaxFrame, Retries, SlotTime/Persist.

Can automatically start client packet programs

Client programs can connect over LAN or internet

More efficient CPU usage


Embedded monitoring of received packets

no (must use AGWMonitor)

TNC/sound card configuration wizard


Share your packet station with others (Radio Port Sharing)


Improved visual interface and navigation


Optional Windows XP (and later) visual theme


More comprehensive 'Help' files


Program may be updated from time to time

not likely

Automatic update feature


TCP/IP over radio feature (for sending and receiving email by packet)

$28 option, but only for Windows XP and older operating systems

included, but only works in Windows XP and older operating systems

Support for other older devices:
* Baycom serial port dummy modem
* Picpar & BP96 9600b parallel port modem
* OE5DXL 9600b serial port modem
* DRSI ISA cards: all models
* USCC ISA cards: all models
* PetScc ISA card
* OSCC ISA card

For Win 98 or
Win ME only
(no XP or Vista)

For Win 98 or Win ME only
(no XP or Vista)

BayCom/BayPac modems in Windows XP (and later), but only if computer has legacy serial ports, i.e. non-ACPI  compliant serial ports


YAM modems in Windows XP and later


Sound Card Packet Features:

Sound card can be used to emulate one or two TNCs/modems

Works with most recent-vintage sound cards or integrated sound chips

Works with USB sound cards including SignaLink© USB

"On Air" baud rates of 300 (FSK), 1200 and 2400 (AFSK), and 9600 (FSK)

Works with supplemental sound cards, i.e. cards other than the default computer card/chip

300 baud: KAM-style (1600/1800) pair tones

300 baud: PK-232 (2110/2310) pair tones


Improved digital signal processing algorithm


Sound card PTT (transmit) control by serial port (COM)

Sound card PTT (transmit) control by printer port (LPT) in Windows 98/ME

Sound card PTT (transmit) control by printer port (LPT) in Windows XP and later


Sound card timing 'Equalization' adjustment for better sound card performance


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